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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation occurs when a person makes a claim for monetary damages. This can include damages for a civil assault, a land dispute,  a breach of contract, vehicle accidents, animal attacks, and many other forms of being harmed. 

Hiring a lawyer when you have been sued or are wanting to sue another person can save you money and time. Kootenay Litigation Lawyers can guide you through this process to ensure the best outcomes possible. 

Contact Kootenay Litigation Lawyers to book a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your civil litigation matter.

Small Claims vs Supreme Court Applications

Choosing the Right Court

The government has passed legislation that determines that there are different courts, boards, or tribunals for different types of civil litigation matters. 

Filing in the wrong court, or filing the wrong documents can cost you time and money, A wrong filing can even put your entire claim in jeopardy. 

Consulting with a lawyer to guide you through these complex processes can make all the difference in a claim.


If you have been sued or are wanting to make a claim against another person, it may be best to speak with a qualified professional, who has experience in these matters

Lawyer and Client
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