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As Criminal Defence Lawyers in the Kootenays, we focus on : crimes of violence (assault – all types, including domestic assault & spousal assault), sexual assault, uttering threats, harassment, driving violations (Criminal Code & Motor Vehicle Act infractions), pornography, weapon & firearm offences, narcotics, and property crimes.

Mason Goulden is known to be hard-working and dedicated to achieving impressive results for all of his Clients.


Mr. Goulden prides himself on providing his Clients with high quality representation, working effectively and efficiently to achieve the best possible outcome within the framework of the law.

Advice Upon Arrest

You Have a Right to a Lawyer

You have a right to speak to a lawyer upon arrest. You can exercise that right by asking to speak to a lawyer of your choice.  Quick and timely legal advice can be the difference between a conviction and acquittal. 

If you are being arrested, or have been arrested call Kootenay Litigation Lawyers to speak with an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer.

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