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Trusted Family Lawyers

Divorces and Separations can be the most stressful time in a person's life. A family law matter can be complex and likely requires an experienced professional to assist in the process.  


Hiring a family lawyer can save you time, money and ensure that you are getting the best results during a very emotional situation.

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Separation and Cohabitation Agreements

Separation Agreements: A professional separation agreement drafted by a lawyer can save you time and money. A separation agreement may ensure that you don't go through a needlessly expensive and time consuming court process.

Cohabitation agreements:  A Cohabitation Agreement is an agreement that a couple enters into before they get married or become common law. This is often called a prenuptial agreement. Getting a cohabitation agreement drafted by a professional can save you money and time in the event of a separation or divorce. 

Child Support and Spousal Support

Child support and Spousal Support can be owed in many circumstances. Determining how much child support or spousal support that a person owes can require an experienced professional. 

It can be in your best interest to consult with a lawyer to ensure that you get the best results possible and avoid costly litigation. 

Contact Kootenay Litigation Lawyers to book a consultation with an experienced family lawyer. 

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